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8 min readApr 23, 2021
  1. Full-stack structure establishment
    Although the characteristics of the open game ecosystem of the DeFi service can be melted, implementing blockchain-based services is not easy. Using sidechains or centralizing sensitive data to external developers is undermining the potential of an open ecosystem.
    Blockchain is an essential element for creating and operating shared data and flaws with off-chain data.

2. Security and Transparency
The code and results implemented by SMART CONTRACT are open to anyone, and the code for automatic distribution is executed, providing transparency that cannot tamper with the algorithms that run various AGPC campaigns.
AGPC TOKEN transactions cannot be tampered with or manually manipulated as soon as they are registered on the blockchain, and funds for game results can be protected.

3. provide accurate information
Based on transaction information on blockchain funding, it is possible to accurately provide customers’ individual funding propensity information, game meta information, and game funding campaign result information. It analyzes, processes, and provides investment information to provide customers with customized funds and investment directions and guides.
Based on this data, customers can make decisions about how to use their assets more usefully.

4. Access to overseas markets
AGPC TOKEN and services are easily accessible from anywhere in the game area. There are no other remittance fee issues in the dividend, and immediate distribution is also possible. This is why the introduction of blockchain technology is necessary because global consumers can access and use services more easily.

5. data robustness
Data registered in the AGPC blockchain is basically propagated to numerous nodes and has a very independent system and network system.
Even if there is political interference between countries, if the core node is maintained, it has the advantage of maintaining the network of the system itself, so the risk of providing decentralized services can be greatly reduced.

All information in the AGPC Marketplace is uploaded on the blockchain.
Blockchain-enabled marketplaces could benefit more if they were decentralized.

A decentralized marketplace is a decentralized market that is moving because of automated contracts based on smart contracts.
For exchanged items, open standards such as ERC-721 can quickly provide optimized digital goods.

In addition, decentralized marketplaces have extremely low restrictions because P2P services are provided by default.

of the ecosystem environment between users and third parties.
Configuration is the most important key keyword for service success.

①Decentralized Game Funding Campaign Creation System

②Marketplace settlement information, investment game result information

③All transaction information of AGPC fund management

④All information in ③ is stored in decentralized nodes and exposed to public data

The AGPC Marketplace can provide a marketplace system that enhances the overall user experience and raises interest in games.

Rather than simply creating an ecosystem where money is used for games,
The goal is to create an environment where game developers, various related companies, and AGPC users can hold stakes in the game on an equal footing.

Create a service to enjoy various P2P or grouped P2P game methods and games;

Users ↔ Service Provision ↔ Equity Contributors
We will provide solutions that we create together.