[AGPC] Market Problems


Even if there are many key sellers through the distribution network of the game platform providers, the centralization of the huge distribution makes it impossible to replace them. This monopoly controversy is losing the trust of consumers because, in many cases, they do not provide reasonable services with policies that indiscriminately attract third-party game companies.

②evaluation operation

Although the business of game platform providers has many key sellers through independent distribution networks, the centralization of the huge distribution makes it impossible to replace them. This monopoly controversy is losing the trust of consumers because it is not uncommon for a policy to attract third-party game companies indiscriminately and not provide reasonable services.

③management issues

Online platforming service companies provide users with monopoly-type services and do not provide an optimized environment. In fact, in order to download a game, it causes problems equivalent to the level of computing in the past, or Europe and the Middle East where the service is poor are very suffering from such a platform environment. However, consumers are in an environment where they have no choice but to use these services. , Weeping and eating mustard, there is a problem that we cannot stop using these services and continue to use them.

④Centralized Operational Structure Issues

What if the service company that provides the game platform market goes bankrupt? Customers who purchase and use games and third-party companies on the platform are in a situation where they have to deal with a huge aftermath across the gaming world.
All game-related information purchased and serviced so far will be lost, and it can cause great damage because it is an environment where physical measures cannot be taken.

AGPC’s services
Blockchain-based accelerating, funding and investment campaigns for various games, game publishing, etc.
This is an ongoing project.
The AGPC platform determines which customers purchased how many products through campaign information in which users participate,
Information on how much revenue was taken after paying AGPC TOKEN for the campaign is transparently disclosed.
Funds participating in the Fund will be rewarded in accordance with reasonable contract codes. Through this, in the dark
Opaque funds that are being operated, rights and interests are shared beyond unreliable companies, and everyone in the service shares a common value.
We want to provide a service that can be realized.
The reason why this service is so effective is that it can secure 4 problems in the current market.





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