AGPC business model

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8 min readApr 26, 2021

Until now, most of the game-related blockchain businesses have been gambling and speculative games, which always entailed legal issues to serve multiple countries in a legal way.

However, we try to provide services that share rights and interests beyond unreliable companies and realize common values for everyone in the service.
Let’s find out what is APGC’s business model to provide value to customers.

GSC International
62 branches and 200 centers around the world
Main business: GSC International offices in 62 countries
Activation of trade transactions (Simultaneous entry into the world of excellent products by Korean companies / Big Bang method)
World Hansan / World Traders Association / Venture Business Association / KOTRA, etc. Business cooperation
Regionalization of each country in the world
Foreign seasonal worker attraction business (official visa issued by the Ministry of Justice)
Specialized product OEM production and supply
Brokerage trade between branches for special products by branch

Online E-Sports Game Service
2) Participants exchange AGPC coins with game money to participate
3) Participants form their own team based on the data of real sports players and compete with other participants (intermediate player replacement DRAFT possible)
4)Provide an analysis program for sports players as an app to game users through artificial intelligence (AI)
5) Realize the game that is in the spotlight as ESPN 2nd broadcaster online and broadcast it live to AGPC game site users
6) The service area is North America and Europe, starting with COIN TO SOCIAL MONEY, a PAYMENT SYSTEM will be built with versions such as COIN TO COIN that require a legal license in the respective country.

medical tourism

Strategy: Business in conjunction with Morning Star & Partners
A famous Korean medical institution, which boasts world-class medical technology, entered the AGPC PLATFORM and purchased medical service products with AGPC TOKEN.
A complex MEDICLA TOUR that connects overseas customers with tourism as well as medical services

Affiliated Medical Institutions and Service Areas
1) Seoul Samsung Hospital: All health checkups and treatment subjects (located in Ilwon-dong, Gangnam, Seoul)
2) Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic: All plastic surgery-related subjects (located in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul)
3) St. Louis Dental Hospital: All subjects related to dentistry (located in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam, Seoul)
4) Service Countries: All Asian countries including China, Japan and Middle East countries
5) How to use the service: AGPC members purchase the product on the AGPC platform with AGPC points that are linked to the exchange token price in real time.
6) Scheduled opening date: July 2021

The reality is that 75% of the world’s population has limited banking and only 5% use credit cards. Therefore, free deposit/withdrawal/loan/financial product investment of currency without going through a bank (centralization) is implemented with AGPC DEFI BLOCK CHAIN TECH, and business strategy is established based on the legal judgment of each country, and enters the FINANCE market through the rescue of a strong decentralized financial platform. plan.


1) AGPC breaks away from institutional finance with its own credit card
2) DeFi financial platform and token fintech application open source development
3) Activates P2P transactions between members and maximizes coin utility usage as well as coin cash deposit and withdrawal convenience
4) Fundamental FX Corporation, a leading token futures trading company in Chicago, USA and Morningstar and Partner in Korea
Partnership with intangible asset type micro-investment program in the form of legal fintech and crowdfund
Scheduled opening date: December 2021
Based on the above business model
Valuable games, creating an environment where anyone can enjoy these games
That is the goal of AGPC!!!